How 5 Long-Distance Couples Made Valentine’s Day Special

Long-distance relationships can be tough, especially on Valentine's Day. Expressing love when miles apart is challenging, but these five couples prove that it's not impossible. They share their Valentine's stories, revealing how they overcame the distance to show affection across borders.

TOBI, 24, UK

Because of the distance, I had to get a vendor to organise everything. I knew it would cost a lot, and you can't monitor to ensure everything goes as planned, but I had to make an effort. I paid the vendor to get me flowers so I could ask my girlfriend to be my Valentine and deliver them to her house with wine and food. This was a week before Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day, I booked a room for her at a fancy hotel to give her some privacy, and a package was sent to her hotel room. It was a food tray with all the things she liked to eat. I bought her a dress she wanted and delivered it with a hamper that day. It had wine, chocolates, and cookies. Sadly, the wine glass broke; if I were there, things like that wouldn't happen, but I'm so glad she enjoyed herself.


It's been over a year since I moved to Canada for school, and my husband has been so supportive. I wanted him to know how much I appreciated him, so I surprised him that day. We usually exchange gifts but nothing fancy. Maybe clothes or things we thought the other needed or would look good. This time, I saved money to get him a pair of Crocs he always wanted, and then I shipped it to him. But that's not all. I also sent him some money to use and pamper himself. That was the real surprise because I had never sent him money before. He got me a designer bag, and I know it's not a competition, but if it was, I took the gold this year. I loved that I could surprise him and make his day. He deserves it.


We went on a virtual date. We weren't always long-distance, but once I moved to the USA, we had to find ways to communicate constantly. I like to chat, and she prefers video calls. Sometimes, it causes arguments, but we are past that now. She always wanted us to go on a virtual date and even had me download Google Duo, but I'm not into all that. We had a big fight some days before Valentine's Day, and I was trying to patch things up. So, I asked her to go on a virtual date with me. I sent her flowers, and we even got dressed up. It was weird because she was having dinner, and I ate breakfast. Regardless, the conversations were good; we laughed a lot, she was happy, and it was fun.

NANA, 22, UK

There is this thing we do on our birthdays; it's like a ritual. We spend at least half the day together. Wherever we go, we are on video call. It's a nice way to feel like we are beside each other. We did the same thing on Valentine's Day. We took each other to work and even ate lunch together. We talked for a bit when we had the chance, but it was lovely to know he was there even when we weren't saying anything. He also sent my flatmate some money to get me flowers, chocolate, and a pair of shoes I have been eyeing on Fashion Nova, and I ordered a shirt off Instagram for him. The day was great, and I felt so close to him.


My partner and I are really into gaming and have recently been obsessed with co-op games. There's this game called "It Takes Two", where you and your partner must work together to solve clues and clear the level. It's been all over TikTok, and we wanted to try it. We both have full-time jobs and spent most of the day at work. But after work, we finally played the game. It was fun and frustrating at the same time. It tested our patience with each other. It wasn't the most romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day. But gaming is something we both love and enjoy.
These heartwarming stories deserve all the “Awwn” in the world. They teach us that love conquers distance. From surprise deliveries to virtual dates and shared gaming adventures, these couples show us that connection is always possible.
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