Looking to jazz up your remote work experience? Portugal’s Digital Nomad visa is worth checking out

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of young African professionals who have decided to pack up their bags and move overseas. The reasons range from not being able to find work in their home countries or simply wanting a better quality of life. Moving abroad is nothing new, but this particular time is interesting because there are more opportunities than ever before for those looking to do so. One such option is becoming a digital nomad visa. Sound fancy? Well, let me tell you how it works.

Being a digital nomad is the idea that you can work from anywhere in the world. This means that if you have a laptop and internet connection, you can earn money wherever your travels take you. The beauty of this is that it’s not just about earning money—it also makes travel much more affordable. It opens the possibility of exploring new places while still having the financial freedom to move around as needed.

If you are considering a digital nomad visa, then Portugal might be worth looking into. The digital nomad visa has been getting a lot of attention lately, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. It’s essentially a way forward for African immigrants that want to live in a beautiful country with more opportunities than what they have at home. You could also consider looking into Malta or France as other options for this lifestyle change. Still, Portugal seems the best choice overall because it offers so many benefits and is far cheaper than most European countries to live in!

Why Portugal?

Portugal is the latest country to join the league of countries that provide this visa option. Portugal is ranked as having one of the best quality of life in the world by the UN and has low living costs compared to other European countries. The country also boasts beautiful landscapes and weather, making it an ideal destination for vacationers and expats. The country has seen increased migration due to its attractive climate and relatively lower living costs. If you’re considering moving abroad yourself, give Portugal some thought!

While Portugal has only recently started to offer digital nomad visas, it’s clear that they hope to attract tech talent from across the globe. The digital nomad visa requirements are relatively straightforward. They will not require a lot of paperwork or bureaucracy on your part. All you have to do is fill out an online form, pay a fee and send in some proof of your ability to earn money while in Portugal (a letter from your employer).

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How to apply

To apply, you must show proof of income and proof of income for the last three months and a valid bank account statement. You must earn at least four times the minimum wage, or roughly $2,730 per month. For salaried workers, an annual salary of about $32,760 would suffice. The digital-nomad visa and residence permit will be available from July 1, 2023. Suppose you want to be able to stay in Portugal on a digital nomad visa. In that case, you’ll need to prove that you can keep yourself financially afloat. Your income needs to be substantial enough to support yourself (and any dependents) for your stay.

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In addition to the above, you also need a digital nomad contract stating that an international company employs you. This should be signed by your employer and sent to the Consulate with your visa application. If you’re self-employed, send in a document from yourself describing your business and how it works. If it’s based online, provide links where people can find more information about what you do and how they can contact or purchase from you.

The Portugal Digital Nomad visa is a way to work remotely in better conditions. It allows people with the right qualifications and experience to live, work and travel within Europe. The visa also enables you to temporarily leave your residence within the European Union as long as you return every three months at a minimum. If you have these qualities, nothing stops you from applying for this visa, and the next thing you know, you could be living in paradise.

If you are interested in becoming a digital nomad and want to live in Portugal, this visa might be a good option. You should note that there are some restrictions on where you can travel with the visa. In that case, it could be worth pursuing as there are many advantages associated with living in Portugal as opposed to other countries.

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Looking to jazz up your remote work experience? Portugal’s Digital Nomad visa is worth checking out
Looking to jazz up your remote work experience? Portugal’s Digital Nomad visa is worth checking out

I'm sure you've heard the stories of young African professionals who have decided to pack up their bags and move...