The wait is over: Ghanaians in Canada can now use Lemonade Finance - The Lemonade Stand

It’s taken a few weeks longer than we’ve expected, but we’re delighted to share that  Lemonade Finance is now available to Ghanaians in Canada. Starting today, Ghanaians in Canada will be able to send money to the bank and Mobile Money accounts of friends and family back in Ghana for free. The best part is that these transfers will be instant and our exchange rates are some of the most competitive around. You’ll no longer need to bounce from one service to the other, trying to find one that works for you and your family abroad- Lemonade Finance is the one-stop shop for sending money home.

With the Lemonade Finance app now open to Ghanaians in Canada, we’ve answered the question, “when will Lemonade Finance be available to Ghanaians in Canada?” It’s a question we hear often when existing customers in Canada talk about the Lemonade app. Today, our emphatic answer is, yes. The Lemonade app will also offer much more than remittance, allowing Ghanaian users to quickly convert from one currency to another. This means you can convert Canadian to Cedis at the click of a button. Let’s put the joy back into showing up for family and friends.

Today’s announcement means that the Lemonade app is available to Ghanaians in the U.K and Canada, and with our expansion plans, we’ll soon be available in the U.S and parts of Europe. According to our CEO, Ridwan Olalere, “we’re still at the early stages with what we’re trying to achieve with Lemonade. When we started, we envisioned solving the problem of sending and receiving money from home as purely African, and that’s where we’ve started, connecting Africans in the geographies we operate with their families back at home. The Lemonade Finance community is only going to get bigger from here.”

Growing the Lemonade Finance community is going to take the involvement of everyone. So please share this email with your Ghanaian friends or any Ghanaian community you know and let them know about the best and fastest way to send money for free at competitive rates. The best part is: you earn a referral bonus every time someone you tell about Lemonade Finance signs up and sends money up. Here’s a super helpful video on how Lemonade’s referral program works.
I’ll leave  you with some words from Marvin, a customer who wrote to us last week: “Lemonade is solving a lot of problems for Africans around the world.”

You can now download the Lemonade app on Google Playstore and App store.